I already moved on but I’m still hoping that things will be back to normal“, “True love really waits“, “Everything happens for a reason” or “We’re destined with each other“. These are the commonly used phrases that you can hear from a hopeless romantic person. They believe that true love really exist, that true love is a force of nature and there’s a magic when you believe. Sometimes, it plays an important role. It can be a good thing or even a bad thing. Well actually, it depends on a situation. So I asked my colleagues about their thoughts, opinions and ideas: 

“People who believe in it should not finish last. Being romantic never gets old. Just like chivalry, kindness and respect.” – Doreen Zuñiga, Iligan City

“It depends on how far his/her “hopelessnesss” goes. Nothing is wrong with being in love with the idea of love itself but if it will cause an inconvience to oneself or to someone, then that’s a different story. That ideal, philosophical love can come true but not that it really will.. it may take a lifetime, a year… we’ll never know.” – Harold Vincent Jaen, Cebu City.

Life isn’t always about fireworks. Your fireworks will come and they’ll fizzle out just as fast. Life’s an experience, not a destination. All of us have the same destination, but not one of us has an identical experience. You’ll find someone who will be there when the fireworks fizzle out and the sky turns black and love you just the same. That’s the one to hold onto.”John Rommel Codilla, Danao City

Hopeless Romantic is a person who’s in love with love. They’re looking for a perfect pair or a soulmate to be with..and if they find that someone, they will do everything just to make that someone happy. Expect that they will treat you as their everything, their world and their life. Who wouldn’t appreciate that kind of love?

If you’re reading this, I would really appreciate your opinion about it too. Feel free to do so. 🙂